Frequently asked questions

How long will it take to clean my carpets?

It can take anywhere from an hour to two hours depending on how many rooms you are having cleaned.

Do you include spot and stain removal in your cleaning?

We pre-treat the entire area for spots and stains which is designed to treat traffic areas and water soluble stains. Certain stains may require additional stain treatment such as wine, furniture stains, rust, paint, makeup, and urine, these stains we do usually charge for. We can remove just about any stain but cannot guarantee the removal of permanent stains. Red stains are very difficult if not impossible to remove and are considered permanent. Furniture stains are almost impossible to remove and are also considered permanent.

How long will it take my carpets to dry?

Dry time typically takes 2 to 8 hours, in some cases up to 24 hours, and depends on how soiled they are and environmental factors, such as weather. If it is humid outside you can speed up drying time by turning on ceiling fans and air conditioners. In cooler weather ceiling fans and heat will help dry your carpets faster. If its dry outside turning on ceiling fans and opening windows will speed up the drying process.

Are the products you use safe for the environment?

All the cleaning products we use are safe for the environment, children, and pets.

Should I Stay off my carpets while they dry?

The less foot traffic the better but if you can't stay off the carpets make sure to wear clean rubber soled shoes. Do not walk on damp carpets with bare feet because the oils from your skin can transfer to the carpet and attract dirt.

Do you move furniture?

We can move furniture as long as it is not too heavy or fragile. We will typically move couches, chairs, and small tables. Beds and dressers are typically left in place during the cleaning. We do ask that you NOT move furniture to the middle of a room. If you would like carpet under heavy pieces of furniture cleaned, we kindly ask that you remove these items prior to our arrival and into a room that we will not be cleaning.

Do I need to Vacuum before you arrive?

​We recommend, if you have pets and visible pet fur, to run a vacuum prior to our arrival. If you don’t have pets just make sure there are no small objects or debris on the floor such as coins, beads, elastics, or paperclips as these items can clog our equipment.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends carpets be cleaned every 12 to 18 months. If you have pets and or children, you may want to clean them more often. The longer you wait to have your carpets cleaned the more difficult they are to clean.

Do you guarantee your work?

​Yes your satisfaction is guaranteed. J&S Carpet Cleaning performs the highest quality of work and we back it up with our 100% Satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with any part of the services we provided we will re-clean the unsatisfactory area.  If you are still not satisfied we will refund the amount paid for the unsatisfactory area.  There is a 48 hour warranty period from the day the cleaning was completed.

All of our cleaning appointments include an unconditional 48 hour warranty against spots re-appearing. If a spot re-appears we will return and re-clean the area free of charge as long as our office is notified within 48 hours after the cleaning. Obligation under this warranty shall be limited to refunding only the purchase price of the portion of our service that was unsatisfactory. Our warranty does not include urine spots/stains/odors, yellow stains, dyes stains, make-up stains, nail polish stains, furniture stains, rust stains, paint stains, ink stains, and bleach stains. J&S Carpet Cleaning will not accept any liability for alteration or damage to carpet/upholstery/tile and grout that may result from attempting to remove spots or stain

When can I move my furniture back onto my carpet?

​Wait at least 24 hours before putting any furniture back onto the carpet to avoid rust spots or stains.  Do not remove any furniture tabs that we placed under furniture until the carpet is completely dry. We will not be held responsible for rust stains or furniture stains caused by putting furniture back too soon after carpets have been cleaned.

How are appointments scheduled?

We schedule appointments in two hour time windows. Many things can affect our schedules such as traffic or the appointment before your appointment running longer than expected. If we happen to be running late to your appointment you will be contacted as soon as possible.​

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, and credit cards. ($10 credit card fee will be applied)
A $35 dollar fee will be assessed for all cancelled or returned checks.


​A steam cleaning may lessen furniture indentations but we cannot guarantee that our cleaning will remove them completely.


In some cases rippling can occur.  This happens when the adhesive that holds the backing together absorbs moisture. Rippling should disappear within 24 hours.


Older carpet or heavily worn carpet may have damage to the dye structure in the carpet fiber contributing to shades in the carpeting that a homeowner may assume is dirt. We will not be able to remove or improve shading caused by damaged carpet dye structure or crushed pile.​